Working Dog Seminar

Instructor: Ron Ligtenberg

Canine Connection LLC would like to extend an invitation to participate in our canine workshop that will be conducted at the training center of Ohio Task Force One and also Cleveland, TN. The purpose of this workshop is to focus on skills and scenarios necessary for the selection, improvement, and maintenance of law enforcement and search and rescue canines. Classroom and fieldwork will include lectures and tasking in the following areas:

  • The screening process for the suitable and selection of canines for specialized jobs in LE, SAR, and various venues.
  • Replication of real-world scenarios in various environments including rubble and debris, buildings (both standing and simulated collapsed), vehicles (crushed, intact, within and outside of rubble), wide area, above ground, and buried source searches.
  • Locating multiple victim/odors within a search area.
  • Question/answer/ open discussion segments involving handlers from local counties, states, and countries. Participants include Federal Emergency Management (FEMA) Canine Search Specialist, regional and state SAR resources, and law enforcement officers with tracking, apprehension, and odor detection canines. 

Locations for this seminar

Tracking/Trailing Dog Training

Tuesday Nov 19th, Wednesday 20th, and Thursday 21st
Location: (TN)

(SAR) Search and Rescue

Friday Nov. 22nd – Sunday 24th
Location: (OH)


Wednesday 20th from 6 PM – 8 PM (Explanation of working sport titles)
Location: Cleveland (TN) for Wednesday Nov 20th



About Ron Ligtneberg

Ron is the owner of Ronin Dog Training. He provides instructional seminars for working canines of various capabilities within the United States and the Netherlands. He specializes in suppling law enforcement and the military with K-9’s along with the proper methodology to optimize the performance of these assets. His website, achievements, and services offered can be viewed at

To request registration forms/info, please contact: 

Debbie Triplett (423) 838-0491 email:

Kristan Terry   (423) 618-6330 email:

Melissa Morgan Ph.D. is an Associate Professor in the Department of Animal & Food Sciences at the University of Kentucky.  At the University, she is the Director of the Food Systems Innovation Center (FSIC) and Director of Undergraduate Studies in Food Science. Melissa’s research interests include pre- and post-harvest food safety and quality control. In recent years this worked has evolved to included activities to prevent, prepare for, respond to, and recover from non-routine emergencies resulting from intentional and non-intentional contamination affecting food products. Melissa’s teaching program includes traditional classes in Food Microbiology, Food Sanitation, Foodborne Pathogens, and Veterinary Medical Terminology (online), in addition to a robust program in undergraduate student research and internships.

Melissa has been involved in working and training scent detecting dogs for over 20 years. She is a K9 Deputy with the Grant County Sheriff’s Department,  Chief of the Kentucky Search Dog Association, and K9 manager for Ohio Task Force 1 a FEMA Urban Search and Rescue team.  Melissa has been involved with over 375 incidents as either a dog handler, team leader or operations officer, her K9s are certified through FEMA, North American Police Work Dog Association (NAPWDA), American Police Canine Association (APCA) and Kentucky Emergency Management (KYEM) in disaster, air-scent, trailing, and cadaver. In addition, Melissa is an evaluator for KYEM, FEMA Disaster – HRD and a Master Trainer for APCA.